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Look at the photos of surgery , done by Dr Catherine Bergeret Galley


Increasing the size of the female breast can be done as in breast augmentation with implants, or breast augmentation with fat. The last one is called lipofilling of the breast. Breast reduction is the opposite, when the breast are too large and can be a real physical handicap.. After breast feeding the breast can be ptotic, which means that they are hanging. The cure for this is breast lifting, where the scars are the same as with breast reduction. If the volume is missing, it is combined with an implant.


The major part of this section, is concerning liposuction. This is because that liposuction is the most common aesthetic surgery in the world. After having children many women find it difficult to get rid of accumulated fat deposits from the pregnancy. Liposuction and abdominoplasty can solve these problems. Men and women who has succeeded to lose a lot of weight, find that the skin is two sizes too big, and a body lift eventually in combination with a brachioplasty or a thigh lift is helpful to get back the body that were used to have. Lipofilling of the buttocks has become increasingly popular, especially as it is combined with a liposuction of unwanted deposits. We have a special section for liposculpture of the legs.


The facial surgery includes face and neck lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty and lipofilling of the face alone or in combination with a facelift. A rhinoplasty is sometimes combined with a chin implant to improve the balance of the face. A younger person who is not ready for a facelift can benefit from injections with fillers and Botox. There is a special section for this under aesthetic medicine. Some of these surgeries are done to make us look younger but some of them are designed to change something in the face that are out of balance.

Genital surgery

Intimate surgery of women has increased very strongly during the last 10 years. The habit of shaving the external genitalia makes the female sex exposed in a new way. Aesthetic surgery of the external genitalia includes labia plasty, clitoris plasty, and lipofilling of the outer labia, as well as liposuction of the Mons pubis. Sometimes the internal labia are so large that they become my problem with tight clothing, sports and having sex For many women the external genitalia and vagina are ruined after child deliveries, and a rejuvenation of the vagina is done with a tightening of the muscles, a vagina plasty.

Surgery for Men

Many of the surgeries we have described is also ask for by men. Most common is liposuction of the love handles, blepharoplasties, liposuction of the chin, but more and more men are today asking for a facelift which would make them look how they feel on the inside.