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Dr Catherine Bergeret Galley

  • Have studied at University of California UCLA USA
  • Have operated more than 4000 Patients
  • Specialist in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
  • Is Operating Men, Women and Children.
  • Speaks French ,English, German and Italian
  • Taken part in more than 200 conferences
  • Specialist in Facial Rejuvenation and aesthetic repair of the body after obesity and pregnancies.
  • Affiliated to Hospital in Paris
  • Member of SOFCPRE and SOFCEP and Internationally

Aesthetic Surgery provided by Dr Catherine Bergeret-Galley

Being a female plastic surgeon gives me a certain advantage, as most of my patients are females. They often find it easier to speak to me than to a man, and perhaps I also, being a female myself, have a better understanding of their problems.

Cosmetic surgery which is a subspecialty of Plastic and reconstructive surgery, is something that can help many unhappy women as well as men. Ageing is sometimes a problem, when it changes the features and characteristics of a person’s face. We live in a highly competitive world, where a person can find himself/herself being put out of work simply because they are perceived to be too old. Sometimes it is not a question of being too old, but rather that they are looking tired, sad or angry. Aesthetic surgery to the face, like a facelift,a browlift or surgery around the eyes, can take this impression away and replace it with an open and alert look.This can prolong the working career with many years

Many women find that their body is losing the sexual appeal after several pregnancies. Plastic surgery can restore their abdomen ,breasts and vagina . From my point of view this is not purely cosmetic surgery, but rather reconstructive surgery. My experience has taught me that this is a very important area concerning women’s self-respect and confidence. It is also an important part of keeping their marriage alive and vibrant. One of my patients once told me, that if children were born by men, all the reconstructive surgery I mentioned above,  would be included in a normal health insurance a long time ago.

Aesthetic surgery is not something new as many people think. The technique of doing a rhinoplasty was developed in India more than 5000 years ago. We also know that many aesthetic surgeries we perform today, was done by the Egyptians many thousand years ago. Tattoos and scarification has been practiced by ancient tribes for the sole purpose of beautification of the body.

So what we do today is nothing new under the sun. The only thing which is new, is perhaps the intolerance that some people are showing those who want to improve their situation with the help of aesthetic surgery.

From my point of view, aesthetic surgery is a far better investment in your own body, then spending the same amount of money on a new car, clothes, cosmetics or  smoking. Aesthetic surgery today, should be viewed as an alternative to other consumable goods.

Properly done by an expert, done for the right reasons, it is very likely that the result will bring joy and happiness and create a lifelong harmony. Very few of the alternatives will give you the same satisfaction, and certainly not for the rest of your life.

However we are not talking about buying a ready product, but we are talking about surgery to the body, which has potential risks and should not therefore be taken lightly. It is very important that you select a surgeon with the right qualifications within the field of plastic surgery, and with a long experience from the surgery that you are contemplating. It is likewise important that you are fully open about your expectations you have about the surgery. A good surgeon who feels that he or she cannot meet your expectations,  will tell you so.


The first consultation with the surgeon is therefore of paramount importance, and cannot be replaced by fancy websites and smart marketing. If you feel ever so hesitant after consultation, it is my firm advice that you should spend the time and money to see somebody else for a second opinion.

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