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Chirurgien esthétique Femme Paris

Dr. Bergeret Galley, plastic and aesthetic surgeon in Paris

Being a female plastic surgeon gives me an advantage, as the majority of my patients are women. Women find it sometimes easier to talk to me than talking to a man, and maybe I ,as a woman, have a better understanding of their problems.

My Aesthetic interventions

Chirurgie femme corps Docteur Catherine Bergeret-Galley

Surgery of the body

Aesthetic surgery of the body allows us to create a new contour of the body for both women and men.

Surgery of the face

Here you can find all the aesthetic interventions of the face which allows you to find a new youth.

Chirurgie intime femme du Docteur Catherine Bergeret Galley

Female genital surgery

Aesthetic surgery of the female genitalia is a very important area, that helps a woman to feel good about her body, even if it is her secret.

Chirurgie homme Dr Catherine Bergeret Galley

Aesthetic surgery for men

Has as goal to correct physical disharmonies and making him feel good about his body.

La médecine esthétique le Docteur Catherine Bergeret Galley

Aesthetic medicine

Dr. Bergeret Galley can offer you the latest techniques and innovations in the area of aesthetic medicine.

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Here you can find all the actualities concerning aesthetic plastic surgery with our aesthetic surgeon Dr. Bergeret Galley.

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